Gentlewaves® Skin Rejuvenation


GentleWaves® was the first non-thermal LED Photomodulation, aesthetic system for skin affected by the sun or other environmental factors. The GentleWaves® system is a quick, simple and painless non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. This treatment is non-ablative and non-thermal, meaning there is no injury to the skin surface and patients experience no side effects, downtime or pain. GentleWaves® is typically used to treat face, neck and chest.

How Does GentleWaves® Skin Rejuvenation Work?

Using LED Photomodulation technology, the light delivered by the GentleWaves® system stimulates and energizes cells leading to better function and enhanced collagen production. Treatment also suppresses collagen-degrading enzymes that tend to speed up the aging process. GentleWaves® has been shown to improve skin in a majority of patients after only 8 treatments.

GentleWaves® Skin Rejuvenation Results

After the GentleWaves® treatment, skin becomes smoother and softer. Patients report that redness and brown spots fade and wrinkles and pores are reduced.

Ideal Candidates for GentleWaves® Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Zimmet recommends GentleWaves® therapy for individuals who have been waiting for a gentle, pain-free skin treatment and want younger, more radiant skin without side effects or a huge investment.